JG Maker: 3D Printer Becomes a Global Artifact to Fight Covid-19

Posted by Daisy Zhang

In 2020, the new coronavirus is sweeping the world, affecting the global economy, transportation, and life in all aspects. The severe epidemic has caused people to enter a state of tension. Among the materials for safety protection, masks, eye masks, protective clothing, and ventilators have become materials that we are extremely lacking. Under the grim situation, "big gods" around the world have used 3D printers to print various artifacts, alleviating the current shortage of medical supplies.

3d printer face shieldJG Maker(JGAURORA) 3D-printed Face Shield


Today, China's epidemic situation has been controlled, but overseas has shown explosive growth, the situation is very serious! JG Maker and overseas partners immediately took action, using the 3D printer as a tool to create unique protective equipment.

a5s fdm 3d printer

Côte d’ Ivoire is a developed country in West Africa. Since the outbreak in late March, Côte d’ Ivoire has entered a state of emergency, and more anti-epidemic measures have taken effect, such as: shipping controls, domestic and international flights are strictly restricted; various public places have also been cancelled. In response to the growing epidemic, the government encourages everyone to use more methods to deal with the shortage of materials in the epidemic. AYman, as a long-term partner with JG Maker(JGAURORA), actively communicated with JG Maker(JGAURORA) manufacturers for the first time, hoping to use 3D printers to make goggles frames. The goggles frame made by the 3D printer is popular with many people in the local area. The goggles frame is made of PLA plastic. He decided to donate more goggle frames made with a large number of 3D printing equipment to local hospitals and communities for free.

3d printer face shield


"The technology of 3D printer capable of rapid prototyping, under special circumstances, it can also print what you want. I am very excited to be able to help more people in need, and hope that such a good 3D printing device can be full range Promote it ". AYman said happily.

Since the outbreak, the tool 3D printer has also become a hot search during the outbreak. Whether it is overseas or domestic, 3D printing masks, 3D printing mask buckles, 3D printing masks, etc., these materials all affect our pursuit of 3D printing technology. JG Maker(JGAURORA) believes that 3D printing technology will follow the development of science and technology, and 3D printing applications will also be well applied in various fields, and finally become the gospel of all humanity.